About Us


To provide practical and useful learning opportunities and expert training, to function as a resource and support system, and to advocate for and empower child care professionals in Minnesota and the families they serve.

Our Goals

To provide a distinctive variety of significant learning opportunities for caregivers and the families they serve at affordable rates in convenient locations. 

To function as a resource and support system by offering professional development opportunities and relevant ancillary materials.

To facilitate community recognition of and validate the importance of the work performed by skilled and nurturing caregivers. 

To cultivate respect for and understanding of culturally sensitive care and violence prevention efforts.

To advocate on behalf of caregivers about issues pertaining to their profession and to promote grassroots activities supportive of their position.

To solicit the cooperation and collaboration of particular individuals, organizations, and agencies supportive of our aggregate mission. 

To empower the caregiver.


 To Accomplish Our Goals

We will develop partnerships and collaboratives with similarly interested organizations and agencies to enable offerings of educational services via organizing seminars and conferences so that networking opportunities for Professional Learning Alternatives, Inc., participating organizations, agencies, and individuals are readily available.

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Professional Learning Alternatives, Inc. is a nonprofit education and advocacy resource for caregivers, parents, and those interested in supporting the development and education of young children.

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