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Union Misrepresentation in Minnesota
Unionization Update January 2017

Child Care Professionals and
Personal Care Attendants (in Minnesota):

A bill was introduced this week in the Minnesota legislature that, if passed, will affect unions' ability to organize Rule 2 business owners.  Visit the Facebook page Childcare Providers Who are Happy to Be Union Free or for information and calls to action.

Visit Facebook:  Childcare Providers Who are Happy to Be Union Free

You are already empowered.  But you must use your power for it to make any difference!

"The biggest concern for any organization should be when its most passionate people become quiet."
~Tim McClure

This information is not intended to be taken as an overall anti-union stance. 
For this type of independent, self-employed, small business owner, however, it is not a workable choice and may, in fact,
be illegal/unconstitutional.

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