Competency Based Training and Assessment

This program is under revision and is currently unavailable.

Back in the early days of licensed family child care, the University of Minnesota developed a program called,"The Competency Based Training and Assessment Project."  From 1993 - 2004, Child Care & Nutrition, Inc. has administered the program in Minnesota.  Providers enrolled in this course learn and develop their skills in ten competencies.

            Health and Safety                                          Child Development           

            Behavior Guidance                                       Learning Experiences           

           Communications Skills                                     Home Environment                 

          Child Abuse and Neglect                Professional and Business Management

           Nutrition                                                        Self-Concept           


This program accredits licensed family child care providers and earns nine to eleven semester college credits through Minnesota West Community and Technical College in Worthington, Minnesota.  The course requirements include being observed at work with your children, attending classes held in the evening or on weekends, and completing a final assessment with a team of the provider's choosing.  The team includes the provider, a parent representative, the trainer, and the team leader.  In addition, the provider develops a notebook that demonstrates his or her knowledge of the program and the skills he or she has learned as well as those improved upon.  We meet in small groups of like-minded caregivers several hours per month over several months.  Every attempt is made to create groups within a reasonable driving distance to retain the personal aspect of the program.  Groups are typically not larger than 6 people.  The time line varies depending on the size and interests of each group, but can run from 6 months to one year. One to three credits are taken on-line through Minnesota West Community and Technical College.  Upon completion, a provider is qualified as an assistant teacher in center-based facilities and is eligible for higher premiums from the social services programs (Child Care Assistance).  The college credits are transferable to other colleges and universities.  The CBTA is also on the list of programs qualified by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to obtain partial tuition reimbursement.  Funding may also be obtained through the T.E.A.C.H. program and regional technical assistance awards.  In the upcoming months, there will be some changes to the program.  The interest is very high and warrants delivery of the program state-wide.  The CBTA is currently administered by Professional Learning Alternatives, Inc. located in Forest Lake, Minnesota.  PLA-INC. is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002.

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