16th Annual Child Care Professional Institute
Saturday, February 24, 2018
Forest Hills United Methodist Church
1790 11th Street SE
Forest Lake, MN 55025

Comments from past participants...

"I can always count on you to offer what I need for licensing requirements and something extra just for me."
G.L.J., 2016

"Thank you and all the volunteers.  I had a wonderful time.  All four of my instructors were awesome!"
Paula, 2016

"I am checking out classes through MNSTREAMS…but if I can get them at your event, that would be my first choice!"
Child Care Professional, 2016

"You do an awesome job on the conference.  I gained so much knowledge from the classes I took."

Betsy, 2015

"Thanks for another intriguing list of speakers."

2014 Evaluation

"Your keynote speakers always intrigue me. 

I don't always understand why you choose them until I hear them speak.  Then it's obvious."

2014 Evaluation

"Very good classes!  I hope this conference will always be here for me!  Great job again!"

2013 Evaluation

"Thanks for having another great conference!"

2013 Evaluation

"It is so nice to have such a fine event in our area.  Thank you again!"

2013 Evaluation

"Fantastic speakers!"

2013 Evaluation

"Excellent instructor!  Need more time!"

2013 Evaluation

"I like that it's not in the cities.  We can get really good training in our community

and not have to drive so far.  Thanks!

~Jenny, 2012

"You always manage to find such wonderful teachers!"

~Paula, 2012

These trainings energize me!  I need these to keep me going. 

Going out to trainings to be with people is more valuable than the trainings themselves. 

~Kristina, 2012

"I always attend your conferences because the classes are always what I want."

~Cynthia, 2011


"I just love your conferences.  You know just what I need."

~Tanya, 2011

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