Program for Infant/Toddler Caregivers

Formerly known as the Infant Toddler Training Intensive (ITTI)

This program is under revision and is currently unavailable.

The Infant/Toddler Training Intensive was developed by FarWest (now WestEd) and the California Department of Education specifically for infant and toddler caregivers.  This comprehensive training philosophy, originally set up in four modules, covers the following topic area:

Social-Emotional Growth and Socialization

Group Care

Learning and Development

Culture of Families and Providers

Beginning Together – Working with Children and Families with Special Needs

Each module includes a series of related training sessions that present practical strategies around the key concepts and philosophies of that module.  Training sessions include the use of high quality videos, handouts, reading materials, and learning activities that build on participant's skills.  Discussion is strongly encouraged.  You may attend classes in any order and in any place that is convenient for you.  You must keep track of your own training hours on the Certification Checklist provided.  Check the clock hours for each offering as well as the lessons covered in each class as class titles may vary.  All hours accrued count toward the (first 8 hours for licensed family child care providers in Minnesota) hours required annually for re-licensing.  (Check with your licensor for acceptance in your state.) 

This is a great marketing tool for your business.  Many of the skills learned are easily transferable to older children and adults.  A portion of grant monies available is usually targeted to this age group.  PITC/ITTI seminars are open to all caregivers and parents and all seminars will satisfy CCR&R grant requirements.  (Read your grant application for specific information.  In general, you must submit a training plan if you receive a grant.  Contact your regional Child Care Resource & Referral for information.)

This program is under revision and is currently unavailable.

New Option:

Program for Infant Toddler Caregivers*

40-Hour PITC Caregiver Certification Cohort

 Interested in joining a cohort to learn about infants and toddlers? 

Gather with others for an in-depth study of children ages birth to 5 years.** 

We will meet over several weeks at a location near you.

A minimum of ten is needed to hold this introductory series.  

Upon completion, participants will receive a special
certificate for 40 hours, all of which are acceptable for licensing and grants. 

Call or email for pricing and scheduling options.

 Gather your colleagues, family, friends, and neighbors.  This series is suitable for
 grandparents and all those who support the care and education
of our young children.  

*Currently available only in the seven county twin cities area.

**Don't be fooled by the title.  Smart people like you know that addressing the setting, including the environment, learning opportunities, relationships, developmental needs and milestones, family involvement, and culture, is always an integral part of the best programs and does not stop being important simply because one reaches age five.

This program is under revision and is currently unavailable.

40-Hour PITC Caregiver Certification Cohort Flyer

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