Current Schedule of Seminars

NOTE:   Please read carefully to determine whether it is a PLA-INC.-sponsored event or an event sponsored by a different organization that has contracted our presentation.

Seminars sponsored by other organizations have their own guidelines and require registration

through that organization.  Check the key below for registration information.

Please check often to see if there are any additions, changes, or cancellations.

 PLA-INC. Seminars:  Advance registration is strongly recommended.  Cancellations are decided several days prior to a seminar.  In general, a minimum of six (6) persons is required to hold a seminar, including staff, parents, and guests.  To avoid disappointment for yourself and others: 

Don’t wait until the last minute to register.


                                                                                    JULY 1, 2015

Cancellation and Refund Policy


Register at least three (3) business days in advance of the seminar you wish to attend.  Payment and/or coupon(s) must accompany registration.  In the event of cancellation, you will be notified and your funds will be held for a future seminar.  No credits will be issued for seminars without 24 hours' prior notice by participant.  Refunds are provided only in the form of credits for future seminars.  A minimum number of participants is required to hold the seminar.   In addition, without advance registration, you will not be personally notified of any changes or cancellations.  Changes are also noted in the schedule posted below.  If you have questions regarding your seminar, you are encouraged to contact our office.

Note:  Beginning May 1, 2013, credits issued are valid for six (6) months from the original seminar cancellation date.  All other pending credits will expire December 31, 2013 unless otherwise noted on your coupon.

We accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Our seminars are open to all who have an interest in furthering their education concerning children from birth to 13 years old:  licensed child care professionals, center staff, parents, ECFE/ECSE staff,

K-6 teachers, grandparents, foster parents, youth leaders, Montessori educators, preschool staff, faith-based nursery volunteers, medical and legal professionals, unlicensed persons (FFNs), babysitters, etc. 

You must be at least 13 years old to attend seminars and institutes.

~Location information and links to maps are below.~

All seminars and instructors are "approved" by MNCPD unless otherwise noted.

July 2016

Minnesota Knowledge and Competency Framework

The Minnesota Knowledge and Competency Framework is a collaboration of the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Human Services (DHS), and Health (MDH), and other community partners.  Fourteen child care professionals were also on the advisory committees.  KCF is a revision and update of what we have come to know as the Core Competencies.   There are three documents reflecting the types of care provided:

Working in Family Child Care

Working with Infants and Toddlers

Working with Pre-school Aged Children in Centers and School Programs

Core Competency, KCF, and CDA Content Alignment

Child Growth and Development classes will now be under MN Knowledge and Competency Framework Area 1
(KCF 1).  Behavior Guidance classes which were previously CC I or CC IV have now become KCF II.C. Please contact your licensor if you have questions as to what classes are required.

PARTICIPANT GUIDES:  You may have noticed that there are several newer courses that use Participant Guides. For the most part, when you attend one of these professional development events, you will be required to download your own copy of the guide.  You may then print it and bring it to class or choose to bring your laptop or tablet/notebook for viewing.   In most instances, your instructor (including Child Care Aware and other agencies) will not provide these handouts.  He or she may offer working copies for use during the class.  Please be aware of this new policy:  Whether you have immediate access to Internet or a printer, you will still have to secure your own guides. 

Bring paper and pen(cil) to each seminar. 

Handouts are limited.

Working copies may be used during a session; upon request, additional resources will be emailed to you after a seminar. You may also be required to download materials prior to attending a seminar.  Instructions will be provided as needed.

Plan to arrive in time to order a beverage or meal to eat during the seminar.  Do NOT bring in food or beverage from the outside.

DO invite a friend!  DO invite a parent!

Pre-registration is strongly recommended.  



Health & Safety (Family Child Care) Part 2

This series-based course, intended for experienced providers, meets licensing in-service requirements as well as the health and safety requirements from the Child Care Development Fund. Participants will explore MN Rule 2 licensing standards and best practices around health and safety.   


Mar 26
PM -
Perkins (Forest Lake)   $22


Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) and Abusive Head Trauma (AHT)

This course meets DHS education requirements for both SUID and AHT.  Content includes recommendations to reduce SUID, including SIDS, suffocation, and other sleep-related infant deaths, safe sleep environments, MN Child Care regulations related to safe sleep, as well as symptoms and consequences of abusive head trauma, risk factors for AHT, and strategies to use when stressed, angry, or frustrated.  

KCF:  VII.B; CDA:  1


##Download the handout for this event from Plan to 1) print your own copy and bring it to class or 2) download it to a portable electronic device and bring that to class.


Apr 9
PM -
Perkins (Forest Lake)$22Washington1
Child Care Emergencies:  Taking a Look

Identify the risks and hazards that may affect your child care program and examine the best practices for protecting the children in your care. Review the emergency plans and discuss communicating, maintaining, and practicing your emergency plan.  KCF:  VII.B; CDA:  1


##The handout for this event will be emailed to you prior to class. You will need to print it for use during class.


Apr 23
PM -
Perkins (Forest Lake)$22Washington1
Strengthening Families 
(2-part series)

This course provides an in-depth review of the Strengthening Families approach, including key aspects of the five Strengthening Families protective factors. Participants will identify strategies for supporting families in building healthy, positive social connections, and accessing concrete support in times of need as well as strategies for supporting families in building parental resilience, knowledge of parenting and child development.  KCF:  III:  CDA:  4 



##Download the handout for this event from Plan to 1) print your own copy and bring it to class or 2) download it to a portable electronic device and bring that to class.


 Mondays May 7 and 216:30 
PM -
Perkins (Forest Lake)$66Washington1
Contracted Presentations

Effective July 1, 2016:  
For all courses sponsored by think small, you must register at least two days prior to the event.  Registration occurs only online for most events.  To register online, you must have an account with  NOTE:  Some courses require that you download a participant guide and bring it to class or bring an electronic device upon which to view it.  Details are included when you register.



********** **********

Making Music - Even if You're Not a Musician
Thurs Mar 22

(PITC). Do You See What I See?

Sponsored by CCPNCC.  Register by contacting Mona at 

Thur Apr 266:30 
PM - 
Learning Center Room 147 (North Branch)$20Chisago4

Seminars highlighted in  RED  have been rescheduled.

Seminars highlighted in  GRAY  have been filled.

Items highlighted in  YELLOW  have been changed since original posting

(ex. date, time, location).


                                                                        July 1, 2015


1:     Available for online registration through PLA-INC. 

        (We accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.)

2:     Private events.

3:    These seminars are presented by PLA-INC. and are sponsored by Child Care Aware MN (fka: 

        Minnesota Child Care Resource & Referral Agency (MN CCR&R) or think small.  Register for

        these events through

4.     Events open to the public; register through event sponsor.

     NOTE:  CICC = Center for Inclusive Child Care

                      PITC = Program for Infant Toddler Caregivers

                                  (fka as Infant Toddler Training Intensive - ITTI)

As of July 1, 2016, what we have known as the Core Competencies has been replaced by the Knowledge and Competency Framework.  Competencies for individual courses have (or will be shortly) converted to the new Knowledge and Competency Framework.  Over the next few weeks, we will make those revisions on this site as well.  Thank you for your patience as we make these updates.  If you need the information immediately, visit  Click here for the Core Competency, Knowledge and Competency Framework and CDA alignment.


Parent Aware Indicators (Discontinued in August 2017.)


 1.  Child Development                                                                                                                   

 2.  Authentic Observation

 3.  Early Childhood Indicators of Progress

 4.  Curriculum Implementation

 5.  Nutrition

 6.  Obesity Prevention

 7.  Development disabilities, special health care needs, and behavioral challenges

 8.  Supporting Development (Social-Emotional, Language/Literacy, Mathematical Thinking, Physical Development)

 9.  Working with Families from Different Cultures

10.  Assessment                                                                                                                           


Baby's Space

2438  18th Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN  55404

Blaine Human Service Center

1201  89th Avenue NE

Blaine, MN  55434

Bunker Hills Activity Center

550 Bunker Lake Blvd. NW

Andover, MN  55304

Caribou Coffee

3100 White Bear Ave. N.

Maplewood, MN  55109

Dunn Bros Cafe

14775 Victor Hugo Blvd. N.

Hugo, MN  55038

Giese Memorial Library

26855 Forest Blvd

Wyoming, MN  55092

Immanuel Lutheran Church of Brunswick

2088 Highway 70

Mora, MN  55051

Learning Center, Room 147

38705 Grand Avenue 

North Branch, MN  55056

Maple Grove Community Center

12951 Weaver Lake Road

Maple Grove, MN  55369

Minnco Center

236 2nd Ave. SW

Cambridge, MN  55008

Perkins Restaurant

140 Garfield St. N.

Cambridge, MN  55008

Perkins Restaurant

1155 W. Broadway Avenue

Forest Lake, MN  55025 

Perkins Restaurant

38624 14th Ave.

North Branch, MN  55056

Room for Growing Child Development Center

268  12th Street SW

Forest Lake, MN  55025

Rosemount Community Center/National Guard Armory

13885 South Robert Trail

Rosemount, MN  55068

think small  (east)
10 Yorkton Court
St. Paul, MN  55117


think small  (west)

Hennepin Square Building

2021 East Hennepin Ave.  Suite 250

Minneapolis, MN  55413



19845 Forest Rd. N.

Forest Lake, MN  55025

Seminar Registration and Cancellation Policy

Register at least 3 - 5 business days in advance to ensure enrollment.  In the event of cancellation, you will be notified and your check/coupon/credit card payment will be held for a future seminar.  No coupons/credits will be issued for seminars without 24 hours notice by participant.  Note:  Refunds are provided only in the form of coupons/credits for future seminars.  Coupons/credits are valid for six (6) months from the original seminar cancellation date. We do not provide cash refunds. 

Registration is recommended for planning purposes.  A minimum number of participants is required to hold the seminar and we would like to ensure that sufficient materials can be prepared for you.  In addition, without advance registration, you will not be personally notified of changes or cancellations.  Locate your seminar in the table above for any changes or cancellations.  Click here for the registration form.  All online registrations must use a credit card. 
We accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

If you prefer to use a check, follow these instructions:

Payment Options

Send check payable to Professional Learning Alternatives, Inc. to:

Professional Learning Alternatives, Inc.

8244 177th Lane

Forest Lake, MN 55025

Please include your name and seminar title and date with your payment.


Click the registration links under each seminar. 

Complete the form and follow the online payment instructions.

Remember:  By registering, you indicate your commitment to attend a seminar.  Though your
name may be on the seminar list, your registration is not complete
until payment is received.

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