Exhibitor Information

Participants who attend our events have come not only to learn new skills and network with colleagues, they have also come to expect the opportunity to shop and obtain information from those businesses and organizations that serve children and families.  This arrangement benefits everyone.  One of our goals is to help make those mutually beneficial opportunities happen.

Current Promotional Opportunities

We encourage you to take full advantage of the available opportunities to showcase your organization.  The exhibitor opportunities vary in options, price, and the event(s) at which they are available.  Select as many as you would like that fit well with your goals then download and complete the appropriate documents. Feel free to email us with any questions.  Participants in any of these opportunities will be acknowledged in one or more of the following locations:  Institute materials, on the PLA-INC. website, or through supporting organizations' websites.  Below this list you will find an explanation for each opportunity.

16th Annual Child Care Professional Institute
Saturday, February 24, 2018
Forest Hills United Methodist Church
Forest Lake

Exhibitor Opportunity Form

Resource or Promotional Insert

You may wish to send materials such as fliers or brochures to be included in the folders.   


Sustainer ($100.00 – supports CCPI to keep costs low for child care professionals)

·       Your individual and/or organization name listed in the Institute program and on www.pla-inc.org.  If you wish to direct your contribution to a specific category (e.g., food service, scholarship, materials), please note that with your check.


Educator ($180.00 – supports one educator today)

·       Your individual and/or organization name and logo in the Institute program as well as on www.pla-inc.org

Door Prize or Silent Auction Item

       Send or deliver one or more items demonstrative of your business. 

·       Your individual and/or organization name will be listed in the Institute program.  Your logo will also be included in the program and on www.pla-inc.org if item(s) is valued at $180.00 or higher.  A Market Valuation form will be provided to you.        


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