Papillon Business Group

An Investment Opportunity for Family Child Care Business Owners

Do you possess a sincere desire to be more confident as a business owner? Feel more certain about your child caring practices? Have regular access to the expertise of recognized educators? How about having personal mentors to guide you through decisions, large and small and everything in between? Would you like to transform your business or perhaps yourself?

Then the Papillon Business Group is a prime opportunity for you! Each Papillon Business Group is composed of non-competing child care professionals at all levels of business maturity from the very new entrepreneur to the seasoned program owner.


Members meet monthly over dinner in a private setting for three hours of education as well as time to focus on learning from each other, offering solutions for members’ concerns, and celebrating the results of your efforts that contribute to the success of your business and your soaring feelings of competence and confidence. Because sensitive details maybe revealed, confidentiality is paramount to the success of the group and a pledge each member makes.

Are you ready to step forward and make this pivotal investment in your business and challenge yourself to discover the astonishing possibilities awaiting you?

Papillon (Pronounced pä-pē-ˈyōⁿ)
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Exceptional education for childcare professionals who care.


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